Saint Nicholas decorations

Saint Nicholas

When Saint Nicholas arrives, it’s the start of the coziest time of year.

All across the country, people put up decorations on their windows. This year, I created my own window decorations together with my mom. I hope Sint and Pete will like our town houses! To make it look extra cozy, we also crafted a canal bridge and little lanterns, with real lights! That way, the Petes will be able to find their way in my little street.

In video below, you’ll see how we drew the decorations in Adobe Fresco, cut them out, and used them to give our front door a magical touch. Do your like our window decorations and fancy making them yourself? Then go ahead and fetch our designs for printing below. The print-outs include three town houses, two Petes, Saint Nicholas and his horse, eleven lanterns and a bridge! Print them on black paper for a nice silhouette effect on your window. If you watch closely, you’ll be able to discern the ink lines on the black paper. 

Stay in the festive mood and watch this video next, where I bake my own ginger nuts (“pepernoten”)… in unicorn colors! 🦄

Have fun, fellow crafty Petes!