I made my own dress! 🦩

My First
Sewing Project

I sewed my own dress for the first time! It was super fun to do.

It all starts in the fabric store, where they have super many colors and patterns to choose from. I picked a pink fabric with flamingos. There are now 1000 flamingos on my homemade dress!

In this video you can see step by step how to make a dress. I’ll show you everything that’s involved in sewing: pattern, threading, upper thread, bobbin, lining… Sounds like gibberish? You’ll see what I mean! With my own little sewing machine I was able to do most of the work myself. How cool is that?

I am super proud of my dress. It’s perfect for twirling and dancing!

What would you make?

Credits for the stickers: flaticon
The pattern and instructions can be found here: sewcando