Halloween crafting: a spooky mansion

Spooky Mansion

It’s Halloween! 🎃

This year, I wanted to do something extra creative for the spooky season. Not only make a costume, but also some scary decorations!

This craft did not take a long time to make… but I was preparing for it since summer! How, you ask? By eating popsicles. Lots and lots of popsicles! I kept all the sticks, because I would need a whole bunch for this Halloween craft. The popsicles became the wooden boards of a house. Not just any house… A haunted mansion! Boo! It wasn’t just summer materials though. I also went out on a nice autumn walk to collect things in nature that could be used for Halloween crafting. It came out really spooky, I like it!

Do you think Luigi will be spooked by my scary mansion?
Happy Halloween, everyone! Have fun with trick-or-treating!

– Stickers: flaticon
– Sound effects: zapsplat